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Within this project we are aiming to support up to 10 individuals with 16 hours of direct support per farmer/grower, which is expected to be split down over several months. 

We'll aim to develop an understanding of your needs so we can support you by signposting you to existing resources, or so we can develop new ones:

  • USEFUL INFORMATION: public info, organisations, networks, communities 

  • PRACTICAL GUIDANCE: training / courses, funding opportunities, example contracts 

  • FURTHER ADVICE: mentors and finding legal advice 

  • CONNECTION & NETWORKING: make direct introductions where appropriate to stimulate access to land, bespoke events, online communication channel  


We might not have all the answers right away, but with our networks combined, we will work to find the support that you need to progress as quickly as we can. 

This work is funded by Thirty Percy Foundation and will seek to continue this project by raising more funds if it is successful.  

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The aim of this project is to support individuals based in Gloucestershire who know they'd like to pursue a new venture in regenerative agriculture and agroecology.


If you have a business (no matter what it’s legal status), that's ok, it’s YOU we seek to support. 

We aim to support and signpost you to the information, guidance, and advice that you need to take your 1st and 2nd steps in agroecology and regenerative agriculture.

Click below for resources that we can make available online.


Please find a couple of case studies here. We aim to add to this as we find more inspirational stories.

If you would like to share your story as a new entrant or someone that has supported new entrants, please let us know through the contact form.

This part of the GREAT Project cannot support established farmers, growers and businesses. However, there are parts of the project that can help with the transition to agroecology and regenerative agriculture, so please get in touch HERE.​ 


If you are still toying with the idea of forming a career in the sector, then this particular project isn't for you. You might find some inspiration by clicking HERE.

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