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The aim of this project is to support individuals based in Gloucestershire who know they'd like to pursue a new venture in regenerative agriculture and agroecology.  Even if you have a business (no matter what it’s legal status), it’s YOU we seek to support.


These are just a few examples of the types of people we can help, this list is not exhaustive so please get in touch here and we'll see if we can help.

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First Steps - Career Changers

People from from non-agriculture or agriculture backgrounds like Zara.


Zara is 35 and has had a career in the Armed Forces since she was 17. She did a training course about how to set up a Community Supported Agriculture scheme and wants to set one up in Gloucestershire where she lives when she leaves the Forces. She can support herself for a while on her savings, but needs to know how she can make a living from growing. We introduced her to the CSA network, and took her to a couple of successful CSA’s in the area. We can support Zara to understand the CSA business model. 

First Steps - New Entrants


Those that know they want to enter practical farming and growing for the first time (students, apprentices, ex-services etc). If you're contemplating it, we have resources to help you figure this out HERE.

Meet Billy, he spent time at Hartpury College gaining a Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Agriculture. He wants to take these lessons and secure an apprenticeship on a farm with someone practicing regenerative agriculture. We would work to match Billy with a farmer and his first apprenticeship. 


Second Step - Career Developers


Those with a little experience seeking access to their own land for the first time, or wanting to rent land to further their enterprises.  


Meet Chris, he’s been managing a small herd of Hereford cattle on rented land for the last year. He has learnt lots and now wants to expand, but the landowner doesn’t have the capacity. He came to us asking if we could help him apply for a farm business tenancy opportunity in Gloucestershire. 

Second Step - Next Generation


Those taking over a family farm for the first time. 

Meet Rachel, she’s been working in the city since she was 25 and at 45 just inherited her 400 acre family farm in the Cotswolds. She has some experience helping out on the farm at weekends and in the holidays, and has a passion for agroecology and food. We helped her find the right training and mentors to help her with a successful succession. 

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This part of the GREAT Project cannot support established farmers, growers and businesses. However, there are parts of the project that can help with the transition to agroecology and regenerative agriculture, so please get in touch HERE.​ 


If you are still toying with the idea of forming a career in the sector, then this particular project isn't for you, but here you can find some inspiration and have a look at some different land-based career options by clicking the link below.

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