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The below aims to give you a rough idea for the process we'll follow. Because this is a new project we'll aim to learn more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping you so we can tweak if necessary. 


Expression of Interest

You get in touch with us through our network or via this contact form


Initial Call

A quick call to get to know you and learn more about your needs and requirements


Any immediate thoughts

We’ll try and find some useful information for you soon after our call to start you off



We’ll plan to meet, ideally wherever you and your business is located. There’s nothing like getting a better understanding of you and your needs than during face-to-face time. Then, if you think you’d like to commit, we’ll ask you to acknowledge our Terms and Conditions and we’ll get started


Supporting & Signposting

Once we’ve met, we’ll get to work on your challenges and aim to get you something useful within a few days. Whether it’s introducing you to helpful people, sources of knowledge or other resources


We’ll keep supporting you

Some of your challenges might take a little longer, so keep us up to date with your progress, and any changes to the type of support you think you need


Checking in

If we haven’t heard from you for a while, we won’t forget about you. We’ll make sure we check in at 6 - 12 months in to see how you’re doing & let you know about new opportunities that might arise


On Your Feet?

If it’s going well then great! Be great to keep in touch. If not, we’ll do what we can to support you find the next positive step


Keeping in Touch

We are keen to build a strong regenerative agriculture community, so hopefully you’ll be ok with us keeping in touch

NOTE: This is your enterprise, your risk and liability. We cannot provide legal/professional services but can direct you to information sources so that you can select your own. We will work with you to help you solve as many challenges as we can, and we will make every endeavour to offer suitable information and opportunities as they become available. 


If you are still toying with the idea of forming a career in the sector, then this particular project isn't for you, but please click HERE for some inspiration.

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