Providing proactive and practical support to farmers and growers taking their 1st and 2nd steps in agroecology and regenerative agriculture across Gloucestershire.


We aim to grow a supportive network for new farmers and growers, starting in Gloucestershire and reaching beyond as we grow.


We'd like to meet a diverse range of new entrants, landowners and other organisations supporting those coming into the sector so that we can connect people, develop training, events and opportunity.

We aim to support and signpost you to the information, guidance, and advice that you need to take your 1st and 2nd steps in agroecology and regenerative agriculture.

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We currently have funding to support up to 10 individuals with one-to-one proactive and practical support by signposting you to useful information, practical guidance, useful people and further advice.

Are you a landowner looking for a new or early stage farmer using agroecological and regenerative agriculture principals?


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We want to make it possible for people to make the leap, and for them not to feel alone whilst doing it