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FWAG SW has a reputation for sound, farmer-centred advice and innovative project work. Its Gloucestershire team, based in Tetbury, is leading on gathering the evidence to boost the momentum of the regenerative agriculture transition. 


FWAG SW is also co-ordinating networking and communications to build a regen ag community in Gloucestershire. FWAG SW advisors can spend time with you discussing options to use regenerative methods and support your transition.

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Since 2018 FarmED has been offering courses, tours and demonstrations at Honeydale Farm, just into Oxfordshire. FarmED is taking the lead on the GREAT Project’s knowledge exchange programme by organising training events, farm visits and the new entrant programme.

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RAU is one of the oldest agricultural colleges in the world, and its award-winning Enterprise and Entrepreneurship programme has made the university a Centre of Excellence for nurturing fresh business talent. Unsurprisingly therefore, RAU is the lead partner for enterprise, and is delivering our programme of webinars and several ten-week bootcamps.

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Ruralink links military service-leavers with land-based sectors to create new careers on the land. The organisation’s expertise in training and mentorship ideally places them to devise and lead the GREAT Project’s advisor, mentor and convenor pilot schemes, ensuring expertise can circulate unimpeded.


PFLA is an increasingly well-known campaign and membership scheme. Its Pasture for Life mark has been highlighting the health and environment benefits of exclusively pasture-fed livestock since 2011. PFLA is gathering evidence to support their approach and using it to pilot an innovative route to market concept for regeneratively farmed products.

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The CSA Network supports the 130+ CSA schemes in the UK, which offer a share of fresh fruit and veg to members in exchange for sharing the cost of production. Through the GREAT Project, the network is supporting the incubation of new CSAs in Gloucestershire by seeking and linking growers and land.


GWT is a trailblazing wildlife trust that has been developing a verifiable Natural Capital mapping methodology. The GREAT Project seeks to integrate their excellent work so that their data can be part of future high-quality evidence-gathering.

Gloucestershire Food
and Farming Partnership

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The GFFP is a collaborative partner network formed by harnessing the voices, passion and expertise of institutions, organisations, businesses, farmers, groups & communities across the region to build and champion a sustainable food and farming future for the county of Gloucestershire.

Its unique value is to reach across and leverage multiple cross-organisational and community networks, building a rich interconnected web that promotes and facilitates a systems approach to the profound challenges and exciting opportunities ahead.

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