Thinking of a career in RegenerativE Agriculture Or agroEcologiCal farming?

Take a look at some of these links for some inspiration

GREAT REPORT #1: Regenerative Agriculture: Context, Definitions and Drivers of Change

One of three reports written for The GREAT Project to build a narrative for a regenerative farming future and to signpost readers to sources of inspiration, evidence and support


Have a look at one of our key partners, FarmED, the centre for food and farming education based at Honeydale Farmjust across the border into Oxfordshire. FarmED aims to be at the heart of local, regional, and global agroecological transition. It provides learning spaces and events that inspire, educate and connect people to build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet. 


If you are interested in agroforestry, check out this video on the link below.


FarmED partners with The Woodland Trust and the help of a hundred volunteers, to plan over 2500 trees at FarmED to showcase different types of agroforestry - from silvopasture and silvoarable systems to silvohorticulture in the kitchen garden.

Thinking of setting up a business, this guide that was created for young farmers has tips for getting started.


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