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Find publicly available information that might help you navigate a route to land. New OPPORTUNITIES will be posted HERE.
If there is something you can't find, get in touch HERE and we'll do our best to help. We're always looking to grow this list of resources.

Find a thorough handbook about land-based business partnerships and land sharing; what they are, how to plan and what a good match and legal frameworks can look like. If you're looking for a long-lasting business relationship, it is VERY important to follow their 5-step process.


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The Tenant Farmers Association is dedicated to supporting all farmers who do not own the land that they operate. 


This includes those involved in share farming agreements, grazing licences, contract farming arrangements as well as traditional tenant farmer.




It is recognised that there is little transparency around agroecological training and career pathways, and that new entrants face many barriers to starting a career in agroecology in the UK.

To help alleviate some of these barriers, the Landworkers' Alliance has designed three interactive industry pathways to guide you into a career in agroecology via the Horticulture, Arable or Livestock and Dairy industries. The aim of these pathways is to display the diversity of routes into a wide range of land based careers.

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The National Trust let farms on their land to tenant farmers throughout the year. They say that opportunities don't come up that often, so keep your eye on their site and be quick if something comes up! 


At the bottom of their Farm To Let page, there are pointers for successful applications, and case studies about how they work with tenants to produce local and seasonal food in an environmentally sustainable way.


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Click on the logo to go through to a number of useful videos aimed at tenant farmers and growers. Including, the importance of written agreements, finding and applying for tenancy agreements, problems with short term tenancies and much more.....


The ELC model is to buy a parcel of land of around 20 acres and divide it into  small farm plots. They apply for planning permission for agriculturally tied, rural workers’ dwellings for each plot so that their new smallholders can live on their land. The ELC provides some shared infrastructure on site and support to their new farmers in the form of business planning and agricultural mentoring. Very helpful source of information for anyone trying to set up.

They are currently on the hunt for passionate land workers and ecological entrepreneurs who are ready now, or will be ready in the next 1-2 years, to build an ecological growing business on an ELC plot. Click on the logo to find out more.

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If you're looking to set up a social enterprise or community-led enterprise, Shared Assets have a wealth of information and good tips around  leases and agreements that facilitate mutually beneficial land use for social enterprises and landowners. 


This resource is especially useful for social enterprises who work with land, since land ownership can also incur high liabilities. For landowners, a good agreement can help make their relationship with the enterprise stable, sustainable and trouble free.


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The Community Land Advisory Service has some very useful resources for community groups wanted to lease land.


Sadly this service is only funded in Wales at the moment, but the resources are useful.


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NFYFC recorded a podcast with Savills to offer business and tenancy advice to young farmers. You can listen to the podcast clicking on the logo below and by downloading the accompanying guide. 

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This  network of farmers, land managers and conservation organisations are committed to promoting the benefits of grazing with the natural environment and our cultural heritage in mind.

It could be worth joining the network of fellow conservation grazers, livestock keepers on their online discussion group 'Nibblers' if you are looking for a network.

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