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GREAT-funded ORFC tickets for RAU students

The GREAT Project is subsidising 15 tickets to the Oxford Real Farming Conference for current students at the RAU who are studying a relevant course.

In-person tickets to ORFC sold out in days, but we have secured some so that the next generation of leaders in agriculture can learn about agroecology and localised food systems.

A GREAT-funded ticket:

  • Will cost you £45 instead of £95

  • Gives two-day access to the conference, for 6th and 7th January 2022

  • Does not include board or lodging. You will need to arrange these yourself (Oxford Backpackers or Premier Inn Westgate are most affordable)

  • May include group travel (minibus) from RAU, depending on interest. You will need to cover the cost of travel to the event.

To apply, click here

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