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Structure your thinking

We find it useful to do this under these three headings:

• Motivations - what are your plans &


• Assets/Skills - what have you got to offer?

• Requirements - what do you need?

It is vital that you are honest with yourself when looking at your motivation, assets and your requirements.


Take time

The process of reviewing your plans might generate new ideas and perspectives.Take time to research and, if possible, speak to others who have taken different approaches to what you might naturally lean towards. Keep an open mind for future innovation and collaboration.


Balance clear vision with flexibility

It is important to have a clear vision for your next steps, but you should remain flexible about how you might achieve your objectives. By collaborating with others, you may discover unexpected solutions and opportunities.


If you do, a key consideration for shaping the balance of any relationship will be the degree of risk each party feels able to take. This will vary from relationship to relationship and will depend on the experience, skills and confidence of each party, as well as their personal motivations and resources. It’s useful at this stage to consider your attitude to risk.


Taking risks

You might face elements of risk when taking your next steps. The acceptable level of risk for each will vary and can be a factor in your choices. Understanding how you feel about risk will help to minimise surprises along the way.


Think long term

Like they say, Rome wasn't built in a day

and taking care of yourself is important. Think about what is realistically achievable within your personal set up to avoid burn out. 

NOTE: This is your enterprise, your risk and liability. We cannot provide legal/professional services but can direct you to information sources so that you can select your own. We will try and solve as many challenges as we can, but if we can't we will make every endeavour to offer suitable information and opportunities as they become available. 


If you are still toying with the idea of forming a career in the sector, then this particular project isn't for you, but please click HERE for some introductory videos.

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