For New Farmers & GrowERS

You might need to take some accredited training or a course to help you to reach your goals.
This list isn't exhaustive, so get in touch HERE and we'll do our best to help.

Hartpury College 

Hartpury University and Hartpury College offer specialist education in agriculture, animal, equine and veterinary nursing. Whether it's vocational or business skills you need, Hartpury should be able to cater.

Located in Gloucestershire, their 360-hectare campus us home to over 4,000 university and college-level students student AS-levels, diplomas and PHDS.

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The Royal Agricultural University

The Royal Agricultural University based in Cirencester has four separate schools hosting undergraduate, postgraduate and foundation courses in agriculture, business, equine and real estate & land management.

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FarmED is a non-profit organisation based just over the border of Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds. It aims to be at the heart of local, regional and global agroecological transition.

They provide learning spaces, courses and events that inspire, educate and connect people to build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet.

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Abbey Home Farm

Abbey Home Farm in Cirencester take one or two growing apprentices each year, usually in the spring and they stay with them for three seasons (2.5 years). They also welcome one or two trainees from March end to November each year. 


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Organic Lea

If you're able to get to the Lea Valley, East of London, Organic Lea run a number of training courses. They have a Farmstart database for growers that are starting out, so it might be worth enquiring about that if you can travel.

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Kindling Trust 

If you're a budding organic grower, it is worth keeping an eye on The Kindling Trust's courses. Whilst they are based in Stockport, they offer 1/2 day training sessions from tool maintenance to a 4-day Commercial Growers Course in the Spring and Autumn. 

They also offer a FarmStart programme for those wanting to build up their skills and experiment with organic commercial-scale growing, but it would require you to be in Stockport for 2 days per week. Click on the logo below for more.