Opportunities & Networks
For New Farmers & GrowERS

Find publicly available guidance that might help you take your 1st or 2nd steps in regenerative agriculture and agroecological farming. 
If there is something you can't find, get in touch HERE and we'll do our best to help.
We're always looking to grow this list of resources.

Landworkers Alliance

Find guidance for New Entrants, once a member, you can join any of the Landworkers’ Alliance forums through an online membership account as well as the regional Facebook groups.


Both of these online spaces offer a hub of useful, local information and resources, from events, workshops and learning opportunities to farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing, job/land opportunities, mobilisation and much more.


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The GREAT Project 

Check out our small grants scheme supports farmers, growers, and new entrants in Gloucestershire to pay for crucial equipment, infrastructure and product marketing, or our learning bursary on the link below.

Woodoaks Farm

It might be of interest to keep an eye on Woodoaks Farm in Hertfordshire. Currently in set-up stage, this farm was donated to the Soil Association and is being converted to a multi-farm/enterprise structure. It will be a space where new growers looking to scale-up will find support, and where resource sharing will be promoted.

They want to create a cluster of organic food and farming businesses working together to build direct relationships with customers, and develop short, farmer-focused supply chains to re-connect consumers with food production and nature.

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Organic Growers Alliance

Find resources for organic growers from events the Organic Growers Alliance or their partners have hosted for you to use.

As well, find an opportunities board if you click through on the logo below.



A UK-based leading technology incubator and innovation space focused on the future of farming and food systems. Based and owned by the Royal Agricultural University they work with entrepreneurs through all their stages of growth. Members receive strategic advice, buisnewss coaching, support with raising investment and  finding the right talent to build the team, access to new customers and being part of a network of other entrepreneurs.

They are offering reduced 25% off membership (for 1 year) to Gloucestershire-based new farmers and growers in our network. Click on the link below to find out more, and get in touch with us to enquire about this offer.